I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

A Pause For A Poem

a boy wrapped in velvet

a cranky neighbour uncovered it, one of the queerest cases the crown had ever been involved in – a boy found wrapped in velvet
grand affairs of murder, fraud and bigamy slipped down seven drawers in the inspector’s mahogany desk.

the mayor confirmed the boy was rescued alive, reporters struggled to form their questions – no injuries found on boy in velvet
they wanted to see the room, quiz the witnesses, hold and measure the terrible fabric that bound him.

a quiet woman was cuffed and booked, a blanket fending off the entertainment channels - velvet boy wrapped up for 40 days
a prosecutor’s voice deepened, what were you thinking, how was it going to end, where on earth was the father?

the mother talked about custard and donuts, loving efforts to keep her angel clean and happy – mystery deepens over velvet child
a report explained how she wanted him safe from violence, bullying and the unfairness of life.

a judge said he’d never seen such a thing in 30 years on the bench, and no one could see the reasons – verdict in velvet boy case
it’s decided the child will go into care, protected from the extreme behaviour of an overly-anxious mother.

Copyright, 2006. Shameless Words.

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