I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

The Lions of Lyon (1)

A wonderful treat is in store. I have decided to start a collection of a magnificent art project that took place in Lyon, France, in 2004. Dozens of artists were given plain white models of lions and they were free to transform them into whatever they wanted. They appeared randomly across the city over several months, stunning locals and visitors. There are many of them - as many as 60 - and you will be astounded at some of the results.
Here is the first in this new series: The Lions of Lyon. (Don't forget you can click on images to see a bigger size).


Anonymous said...

My face is there! Im a also a lion in Lyon. Cibereporter.

Unknown said...

This is fantastic, I wonder if they could do the same for Cornish stacks (redundant mine chimneys). Please post more.