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Happy Macmillan New Writers

I have yet to read anything from a Macmillan New Writer that is not positive and full of praise for the new imprint in terms of treatment, attention, contact with editors and contracts.

With all the fuss about what were supposed to be bad conditions and dodgy contracts, you'd think there'd be a flood of nasty experiences to read about.

I hear some of you say 'Yes, but they would be nice about their publisher, wouldn't they? They want more books published.' True, except that you wouldn't get big long essays on how well they've been treated. Roger Morris, Matt Curran and Michael Stephen Fuchs have talked about their experiences - Fuchs posted a long piece on my site (see below) and you can see the views of the others on their blogs (see my links on the right).

As someone who has sent a novel to Macmillan (fingers crossed), it is reassuring to hear from those happy writers. And, remember, we have all read pieces from other authors who have not been happy with their publishers.

My own experience as a prospective author has been good as well. It was a pleasure to be able to just send in the entire manuscript as one Word document. No hassle and middle people to deal with. No going backwards and forwards on a nervous wire. The book is what matters.

I should also add that Macmillan New Writing has an important personal touch (at least in my own case). The first time I sent the book I sent each individual chapter as a separate Word document. They wrote back and asked me, nicely, to resend as one single document. I was even more impressed when I got a second email some time later to say there was a problem opening the file and would I care to send the whole thing again.

How many other agents or publishers would have done this? MNW must be inundated with files, and yet they found the time to be decent and fair. Even if I don't become one of their authors (sister of fate, please don't read that line!) I will know that at least I was given a good shot. Isn't that what we all expect?

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ivan said...

I am getting the same treatment from a much, much smaller house here in Toronto, whose name is ANANSI.
At least they care enough to send notes saying "Be patient, be patient."
I am patient all right,but I seem to see name authoer plowing deep furrows all around me. And in the same house.
Oh what the hell. At least I've got a blog.