I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

Famous First Lines

OK, to strike while the iron's hot, here's another first lines quiz. Thanks to Rupert for his advice that the first line needs to be "search engine proof", which means the answer can't be obtained by entering the phrase as a google search - hence, some words have been cut out.

The following is the opening sentence of which novel:

To the - - - country and - - - - of the gray - - - - - - - of - - - - - - - -, the - - - - rains came - - - - - -, and they - - - not cut the - - - - - - - earth.

Who will be the first to get it right before Monday?


Frank Wilson said...

Sounds like The Grapes of Wrath to me. I was just saying to someone earlier today that if you want an example of a great writer - someone who is a master of the craft of writing - Steinbeck is your man.

hs24 said...

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