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Books for Collecting

I'm not really one for collecting first edition books, but I couldn't help but be tempted by the first six novels being used this week to launch the Macmillan New Writing imprint.

I have taken advantage of an offer that seems to be quite reasonable: a 50 percent discount when you buy all six books in one go. That means that instead of paying about 77 pounds, I'm paying about 38, not bad considering they are hardbacks. I've also read somewhere that these books are of a high printing quality; I will let you know when they arrive.

As well as supporting some emerging authors, it's a nice chance to take part in the launch of an imprint. Who knows? Maybe these books could be worth a nice little packet in 50 years time!

I wonder if other big publishing houses are watching with interest. Will they consider a similar venture in the future? Will we have Penguin New Writing or Random New Writing?

I will post some reviews of the books once they arrive and once I've read them.


Anonymous said...

They are rather nice! Mike Barnard very sweetly gave each of the authors a boxed set of the first six, at the official launch party at Macmillan last night. The six of us stood around a table, ignoring everyone else and the festivities, fighting over two pens, and struggling to come up with witty things to say as we all signed one another's copies . . .

Thanks for coming along for the ride yourself. 8^)


S. Kearney said...

By all accounts you had a great night... going on the other reports I've seen as well. Shame none of those journalists and book people who slagged off MNW couldn't be there. I'm looking forward to reading the book. I hope my purchase is a boxed set as well. Good luck with the sales and marketing.