I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

A Pause For A Poem

the young liberators

the fences are down around the northern state zoo
mud splashes across exotic skin, big-teeth wonders shake in huddles
barbed wire lashes dainty hooves, virgin paws desert their cages
they’d dance and grimace but they only stare
they’d sing and scarper but they only quiver

the moon is sole witness to the improvised drama
weary guards dream of hibernation, faded manuals hold their tongues
flashing lights shine on no one, dogs beside themselves whip up the night
they’d eagerly chase but their throats are tight
they’d savagely bark but the wind is clever

the young liberators escape across a shadowy gorge
pamphlets float with heavy words, lungs burn with raging slogans
digital screens madly flicker, blackened faces reek of victory
they’d stay and debate but are needed elsewhere
they’d offer solutions but are just not sure

the rude morning light works magic on the chaos
larger bolts cover thick new wire, flower pots are freed of broken glass
sloppy food is dished up from buckets, small eyes repossess their glaze
they’d be somewhere else but have no idea where
they’d be keen on freedom but don’t know it’s missing

the old-fashioned turnstile resumes its gleeful spinning
hampers and cameras arrive in buses, boys put on their smiles and hats
children point to quirky features, parents recite from baffling signs
no one asks why the monkey is not in a jungle
no one asks why the polar bear is not on ice

Copyright, 2006, Shameless Words.

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