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Keeping Me Away From Writing

It's becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to write, to get to the end of chapter three of my new novel - and the clue as to the cause lies in this sentence.

My fingers are tapping here when they should be tapping in my Word document! Mind you, it is good to breathe elsewhere, to give my characters and me a bit of a break. So, I'm not really grumbling. I just have to be better organised about where my focus falls.

Writing this blog is not really the consumer, it's the Internet in general. Everytime I sit down to the keyboard there are now at least six or seven sites that I absolutely MUST log into, otherwise I feel as though I've started the day without a shower. There are my two email accounts, this blog, my private blog for family and friends (to see how many hits I'm getting), the news sites that I like to follow and the books pages of several papers (Guardian, New York Times). There is so much other surfing that could be enjoyed as well, but one has to be strict.

That's not to mention the reading I like to do as well; I always have a book on the go. And today I went off and bought another DVD of a TV series (Les 4400, which I suppose is called The 4400 in English?). I'm looking forward to devouring this, finding myself entirely excited by the blurb. I am already hooked on Nip and Tuck and Six Feet Under and have just finished watching the whole first season of Lost. The story lines and hooking in these programmes make them, in my opinion, compulsory viewing for writers who want to learn more about plotting!

So, that's where I'm at. I am going to log out now and get some of my own writing done. Hopefully, one day, someone will complain that they are hooked on my book and can't get around to writing their own!

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