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Nice Ending

Finally got to the end of Life of Pi, and I wasn't disappointed by the finale. I like something that keeps me wondering and an end that stays up in the air. Can we conclude that he imagined the animals, and that he was really with his mother and a savage French cook? This was very clever. I still think, however, that the beginning passages could've been threaded through the book.

I'm now currently reading a book by a friend, Rory Mulholland, on his adventures as an AFP reporter filing stories from Iraq. It is titled "Camp Britney". It is entertaining and a good insight into what happens to reporters when they're posted to cover the news from these places.


RodaLarga said...

I´m glad you liked it! ;)

S. Kearney said...

Yeah, I look forward to reading more from Martel. Your profile image would make a wonderful cover for a book!

Neil said...

Life of Pi was a very interesting book; in reference to the previous post, the first part was enjoyable in sections (yay for humor), but was a stack of feathers next to the second and third parts. Weaving the first and second parts together may well have worked. The end was definitely satisfying; my logic says that he was stranded with humans, but romance says that he was with the animals. Conflict!