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Double Checking Without Feline Distractions

She's adorable, but I'm going to blame her. I realise now why a chapter with mistakes got through (see previous post).

Normally all of the chapters I write are in separate Word documents, each carefully proofread over and over. Unfortunately, Macmillan New Writing wanted everything in the same document, in one continuous flow of words.

In my haste, and with my very "untechnical" brain and hands, I embarked on a copy and paste exercise that would drive any ordinary cat to moo. Of course, without realising it, I copied-and-pasted an old version of a chapter into the final draft.

Not only do we have to be writers, but we have to be technical wizards and excellent administrators. I have to blame somebody here, and so I blame my cat, Muffin, for distracting me at that very moment when I was dragging and dropping (she loves to come sniffing and cuddling when I am sitting in front of the computer).

Oh the life of a writer! Mind you, secretly, I suspect that the good vibes from a gorgeous cat can work wonders on a manuscript.

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