I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

The Land Of Brilliant Moods

You have to hand it to the Irish; is there another population that is in such a warm, friendly collective mood? I'm just back from a week in the country where my father was born and the nation's amiable little fingers are still tickling me all over. Yes, despite its less than happy history, this is the land of brilliant moods. Take this for example:

"Oh, great, a monument to explain the significance of this wonderful spot! Was there a famous battle here? Did the first Irish king live in these parts?"

"Let's get a closer look and read the plaque! All will be explained."

Ah, humour here is always way out in front, softening many hard roads, melting moments that might otherwise be too tough.

I have some beautiful photos to post here when my holiday is done (I'm getting in some skiing in the French Alps over the weekend, just to remind myself that it's such a hard life!) We spent a few days in Dublin and then travelled out to explore the countryside around Galway, including Connemara. I am returning home full of inspiration and all fired up with that amazing Celtic spirit, which really does help pull my creative handles.

I was very amused, by the way, to see that my "licking the shamrock" comment caused small ripples (see previous post). Minx was right in saying that this is just my weird take on the tried and tested "kissing the blarney"! Let's just say that many a shamrock has now been licked - and there are grins all round!


L.M.Noonan said...

yay, I'm so over significance.
Enjoy the skiing

cate sweeney said...

Hi Shamus
what a wonderful plaque.
I have a bit of Irish blood too and I think of writers we have to be really proud of it and hope the genetic make-up and celtic past history somehow comes through in the writing.
Looking at story, great opening and gripping, and humorous shows this... sorry I can't read all my battery power you know...
Have fun.

unarex said...

"kissing the blarney"!

I've never heard that expression in my life and don't have a clue what it means. Likewise, you could say "Kissing The Shamrock" to me and I'd just nod and probably not ask what you meant because I'd just assume it was something Europeans said. Americans have all sorts of silly stuff they say and I don't know what they mean either.

I am Irish too, but you couldn't pay me all the money in the world to get me to ski. I hate fast movement because it makes me have to pee.

Mountains? Yes! Skiing? No! And here I am, Irish with a German name!

O anyway...

Suzan Abrams, email: suzanabrams@live.co.uk said...

Hey Seamus,
You're back!!!

I stayed in Dublin a month & visited the south but haven't yet been to Galway.
I found the city of Dublin very much like a fairy-land with its past history wound into a splendid present-day style.

So you mean, the French Alps is your idea of a hard life... I see! tee-hee.

Debi said...

Welcome back-ish! When you've finished licking the skis, sledge on over to Pundy's for the latest party. We need live music.

Re humour - I was on a bus once and this Irish guy in the back seat said he always sat at the back so he had a longer ride ...

Isn't it hideous how this sort of exquisite humour can be twisted and used as 'evidence' to justify racist stereotypes ...

david santos said...

This work is very, very good. Thank you

S. Kearney said...

Hi, I'm back in one piece! Amazing there is still snow with our unusually hot weather here at the moment! I'm planning my next post for Monday! :)

Yes, I try to tap into the Irishness that sails within me! :)
I hope you were able to get through the whole story ... but I know what you mean about low batteries! :)

Yes, those strange Europeans with their strange words! :) Let alone all the French that I have to contend with! I only do the blue and red slopes when I ski ... the black ones, the more difficult, are definitely not for me!

Hi! Raced back from Ireland to get in some last minute skiing before the slopes melt away. :) I've had a magical time and now must get the photos together to put up here. :)

Thanks. I like the bus joke. Brilliant! :) Is the party still on at Pundy's? I'll check it out in the morning!

and David,
Thank you for your kind words, which I presume relate to the short story. I'm glad you liked it. Or were you talking about the funny sculpture? :)

Debi said...

Of course the real genius of the photo is the implicit suggestion that every other year something HUGE happened. So much so that it all got boring and they became blase and chose to celebrate the year nothing happened.

Now quick. Over to Pundy's ...

Anonymous said...

That's a great find.

I love the irony in that plaque. I sometimes get burnt out at the commemoration of 'worthy' events!

Certainly brought a smile to my face.

S. Kearney said...

Hi Amin,
I'm glad other people also saw the humour in this. This was typical of the Irish humour I love! :)

hs24 said...

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