I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

A Writer's Tribute To His Readers

The greatest pleasure for a writer is to discover that he is being read.

That someone is really tuning in to what he's trying to express.

That someone goes away and meditates on the meaning of his words, and those reflections may even end up staying in the psyche.

Double-click on photos to see larger versions.

The trouble with Muffin, my lovely Siamese, is that she is unlikely to ever give me any useful, honest feedback - at least not in this lifetime! Well, I suppose it's normal that she can't be objective; she needs to praise everything to make sure that she is fed and stroked. I really don't blame her!

So, as 2007 kicks off, I would like to thank those of you who were so encouraging in their reactions to the "shameless" words that I put out there in 2006. This blog has been a wonderful experiment. It has been refreshing. It will definitely go on.

I am a writer and you are my readers! Just as you are writers and I am your reader. I have tuned in to a lot of what you have written. I have often gone away and meditated on your words and their meaning. These have often stayed with me. I also often wonder why the unpublished among you are not the authors of wonderful books.

This year, I look forward to being your writer and your reader. Don't forget that a writer only needs one reader to make it all worthwhile!

Even if I don't end up being on your bookshelves this year - keep those fingers and toes crossed - at least there's the chance I can beam out from your computer screens. The same goes for you. Take heart from the fact that you are providing me and my little Muffin with wonderful words to munch on.

Here's to happiness, creation and good vibes in 2007!


moontopples said...

Shameless: I had no idea that Muffin was reading my blog when you stop by. Now I feel bad and a little self-conscious that I have provided very little content designed for the feline market.

Yours is one of the blogs I look forward to reading, and I'm always glad when I see your footprints on mine as well, even if you did jinx me a while back by commenting about how I post every day, which I followed with my least bloggy month since I started.

Anyway, there is also a third area: the merging of the reader/writer relationship. Like when something I read here causes me to think on something enough that I feel compelled to do a post on my own blog. Which maybe you read and comment on. It's all very incestuous.

Glad to see you again. May this be a great year for you and all your readers (especially as I can include myself in the latter category).

Now get on my bookshelf!

p.s. Why do I still have problems posting. Isn't everyone all on Beta now?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too Shameless.
I have enjoyed your company in the last part of this last year - looking forward to it all through 2007.
Good luck with the goal to publish. What you say is what you get!

Anonymous said...

Muffin is, in no doubt, the discerning reader she appears to be. Along with the rest of us she will be looking forward to more Shameless words in 07.
Don't forget that things often happen when you least expect!

Anonymous said...

Here's to you, me and a whole lot of others finding themselves published during the course of 2007.
Keep writing and reading - they say that's what every writer should constantly do - read, read, read and write, write, write.
Here's wishing you a successful, prosperous and very happy 2007.

Shameless said...

Muffin really does get up and stare at the screen for extended periods, especially when there's some kind of flashing going on. But she does seem to tune in even when there is no movement. We'll understand more about that in 100 years, no doubt! i wish you all success for 2006.

Chief Biscuit,
Thanks for your kind words. I've also really enjoyed your blog and photos, and will be dipping in and out regularly. Kia Kaha and Aroha for 2007!

We expect to read more about Dorcas and her fisherman in 2007! I am sending you the best spell that I can muster. There! Did you feel it?

and Atyllah,
How is it possible that you are not on my list of favourite blogs?
This will be rectified today. I promise. I really did think you were there! I've loved having you visit and I look forward to more in 2007.

Jessica Schneider said...

Yes, clearly no one can deny her beauty. I think she knows it. But can she blog? Oscar says his spelling errors are due to his lack of thumbs.


Happy New Year to you as well. And by the way, I was googling 'PanMacmillan' and I stumbled upon you. I was like, 'hey, I know him...'

Anonymous said...

Shameless!!!! Where were you aiming that spell exactly?

Shameless said...

I will get Muffin blogging immediately. My, will she have some stories to tell!
Re Macmillan, nice to be mentioned by them. Just wish they would publish me!

If you have to ask, it didn't work. Or maybe it's on the way :)

Anonymous said...

Cosy, now we're linked to one another. I look forward to lots of inspired reading, so best you keep those fingers tapping at the keyboard!

Jessica Schneider said...


Would you care to share Muffin? Could I post her photo on my blog? She's just so cute & animals cheer me when I feel blah.

Or maybe you need to ask her first...

Shameless said...


I've just asked Muffin and she said she would be delighted to make an appearance on your blog! She's always wanted to go to the USA! As long as your adorable fluffy one doesn't get jealous!

I'm also glad we're linked. Now there's no excuse to keep on top of what needs to be talked about in the world!

Jessica Schneider said...

Oscar fussed a bit but he got over it.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Muffin is adorable - I love it when people post pics of there cats. Is that a bit of cheeky visible-tongue action in that last pick?

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous Siamese! oh my

Write on!

Shameless said...

I've broken the news to Muffin - and yes, we do call her Miss Muffin as well! - that she has now made it big in the old US. She is delighted, of course. She didn't want to hear about Oscar, however, or see his photo. She is shameless, through and through! I will parade Oscar in front of her again another day when she's over her star status!

Welcome, and Muffin says hello too. Nice to have you calling by and we hope to see you again.

Jessica Schneider said...

A world traveler now is she.

Anonymous said...

Huh! You poor saps. He's got you, hasn't he?

Am I the only one who's realised that Muffin is really .... Shameless! Why did you think he was so careful to hide his true persona and so reluctant to meet fellow bloggers?

Well, your secret's out now ... and no need to feel bad. You really are rather gorgeous, you know ...

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn I put a comment here yesterday!
Muffin rocks!

Shameless said...

Damn! I really thought I'd hidden things so well. How did you cotton on? I suppose it ups my street cred though, to think that a mere cat could do all that! Meowwwwwww.

And Cailleach,
The mysteries of the Beta!? I leave comments all over the place that never materialise!

Anonymous said...

D'you think there's a place where all the lost comments go? A different planet maybe where they can have their own chats and revel in the cameraderie?

Might it be the same place as all the lost biros go?

Shameless said...

Nice to know all those comments weren't wasted then!

Anonymous said...

I think you're right Debi, that planet is located in the sock system, so called because the star there that is at the centre is powered by odd socks, instead of hydrogen.
It's a bit whiffy there, as the residents of the only planet in that system, the Birosians, have informed me. On another day, when I was sniffing daisies...

Shameless said...

That is a superb view of things! I shall view all of these things differently now.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, heartwarming post. Muffin only added more sparkle to it. I sure look forward to seeing you on my bookshelf sometime soon. I suspect I won't be too disappointed. :-)

Happy 2007 to you and yours!

Shameless said...

Thanks Bhaswati, always there with a nice comment. I wish you a fabulous 2007.

Jefferson Davis said...

Happy belated New Year, Shameless. Muffin is precious, and cunning specimen of the Siamese species. :) May you be blessed with a marvelous 2007.

Shameless said...

Thanks Jefferson,
I wish you a great 2007 as well! And I look forward to reading more of your stuff.