I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

Squeezing The Last Out Of Summer

OK, so the blog's been a bit quiet again. You only have to look at this photo to understand why.

That's right, I've been away again, to Cassis near Marseille. Hell, doesn't that Shameless guy work? And hasn't he just come back from a month's holiday in Portugal? I like to call it "squeezing the last out of summer", making the most of things, right up until the very last second.

I drop my head in absolute shame!

Wouldn't it be nice though to just stop this daily working thing and spend more time reading, writing and visiting inspiring places? How can I sort this out? Luckily, I do manage to get blocks of days off and long holidays - France is generous with annual leave and the law prescribes that there can only be 35 hours in the working week - but I am hungry for more time to be creative.

On the other hand, I do love my job as a journalist. The writing is for the broadcast medium, but at least I write every day. Many pieces I work on also require a certain amount of creative juice. What isn't so good is the fact that I am bound to be somewhere on a regular basis, at a time that is not of my choosing. I crave that feeling of being a free agent. Free to write when I want to. Free to read when I want to. Free to take to the road when I want to.

Alas, this is life. And it is a damn comfortable one. I cannot complain. Some people don't even have the luxury to pose these kinds of questions. I guess I shall just continue this mad mix of this and that.


Amin said...

"Wouldn't it be nice though to just stop this daily working thing and spend more time reading, writing and visiting inspiring places?"

Oh yes. That would be a wonderful way to life a live. It always seems to me that we have our lives backwards, spending so much time on things which really don't matter that much in the scheme of things - like work.

I read that if we in the UK lived to the standard of living we had back in the 70's, when we were all happy anyway, we'd only have to work 1 year out of ever 2. I like my tv, computer, pda, sat nav et al, but I doubt they really make me any happier.

Good luck for your trip to New York! It's a while since I visited, but St Patrick's cathedral is worth a visit for the sense of tranquillity in the middle of it all.

Minx said...

Beautiful photo Shameless, you are right to give it a squeeze - winter is a-coming!

Shameless said...

One year out of every two sounds just fine to me ... as long as I could work it out as one month out of every two! Reality has come up and grabbed me by the ears today; I am back at work and back in the fast lane! Oh dear.

Verilion said...

Know how you feel Shameless, rejoined the ratrace myself yesterday. Still, the job's not as bad as some I suppose. I do get nearly four months off a year.