I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

To Be Rescued

To Be Rescued 

Hello? Can anyone hear me?
Yes. Hello.
Where the hell am I?
Where do you want to be?
Look, I really don’t know.
So it doesn’t matter where you are then.
I actually hadn't thought about it.
Well now. You’re on a quiet beach.
Oh. So I am. A deserted island?
You must be romantic. Or perhaps melodramatic?
Both, to be honest.
Would it matter if it weren’t an island?
I guess not.
Okay, so it is an island.
Oh. Will I be rescued?
Why does it have to be about getting rescued?
Because I’m alone on a beach. A deserted island.
That’s all it means to you? Lost and alone? Deserted?
Well, unless it was my dream island.
Maybe it is.
But would I really be alone?
Your dream island is crowded?
Well, no.
Be happy then.
That’s it?
What do you mean?
I just sit here and be happy?
What else can you do?
I could explore. Go swimming. Sunbathe.
Yes, you could.
But then what would I do?
You could just take the time to enjoy things.
And then what?
Oh dear. I suppose you’d then want to be rescued.
If this is all there is.
All there is?
Sorry, but the options are quite limited.
You haven’t experienced anything yet, and just listen to you.
Maybe you’re right.
And what if you really do belong here?
And what if I really do not?
Well, I don’t think you would’ve ended up here.
What do you mean?
If that’s the way it was, that’s the way it was meant to be.
Oh. I see.
And maybe you just need to be alone.
I’ve always been alone, even when surrounded by people.
There. So you might as well stay here then.
Do you think so? Maybe you're right.
Good. Now you’re talking.
Talking? I thought I was thinking ... Hello? ... Are you still there?

© Copyright, 2009. Seamus Kearney.


moonrat said...

i'm still here!

Lane Mathias said...

Yep still here.

Are you?:-)

Eric Valentine said...

Still here..

Like you, just drifting by from time to time? Good seeing you my friend.. :)

Unknown said...

Shameless - I only remembered about your comment yesterday! So much has happened and so much has still to happen, how was Dublin? are you coming back to blogland? We love you Seamus!

Shameless Words said...

Hey there - Thanks for the comments.

Yes, I'm still here, and still refusing to be rescued!

I pop in here from time to time to post bits and pieces, but it's true that my plate is more than full ... which is all good. The day work is manic, but I still try to find time for creative bursts.

Barbara - Dublin was great, a week of perfect sunshine and I even got sunburnt! Hopefully we can meet up next time I'm there, later in the year. Take care.