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What Writers Love to See

I have just discovered a rare gem. No, it's not an African diamond the size of a rugby ball - it's the "submit a manuscript" link on the website of a major New Zealand publisher. Impressed, I have just sent them my manuscript. Fingers and toes crossed!

Why was I impressed? Take a look at how welcome they make you feel.


We welcome submissions for book projects, novels and ideas from you, the writer. However, we have some guidelines that we would like you to read to ensure that what you send in is suitable. Otherwise you might like to try another publisher.

We welcome you to submit your manuscripts. They are sent out to a reader, and all are considered seriously. This process normally takes about one month to complete.

When submitting a manuscript for consideration you should provide a letter of introduction, a brief synopsis and your full manuscript. This should be a computer print out (preferably in double line spacing). If it is to be illustrated, please include some samples (not originals).

We do not accept unsolicited poetry, short stories or science fiction novels.

We do not accept: poetry, plays, screen plays or war diaries. Try checking in bookstores for books that are similar and send submissions to those publishers (be aware that New Zealand publishing is different from overseas. We are only interested in books with NZ content or by a New Zealand author.)

Wow! Read that again in case it didn't sink in. How many publishers invite you to send in your FULL manuscript in the first instance, and then promise that every submission is sent to a reader, and it is SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED. To boot, the process takes about ONE MONTH. It may be because New Zealand is relatively small, and they are not overloaded with hundreds of manuscripts a week. It is, however, the NZ wing of a major international publisher.

Of course, I will keep you abreast of developments. I have also submitted to an Australian publisher and one in the UK. I've decided to do multiple hits, leaving a bit of space between submissions, just in case there's a bite. I've decided to go direct to publishers who are still accessible, having become disillusioned by agents who bite and then don't swallow!


pundy said...

Good luck with your submissions, Shameless. I'm still trying to hook an agent but going direct to a publisher may be more productive.

Be interested to hear how you get on.

S. Kearney said...

Thanks Pundy,
I think all avenues are valid now. I've decided there are no rules really, and it's such a fickle industry anyway. Agents are now just as difficult as publishers to crack, and perhaps even more so because they have to decide for a publisher in advance whether or not they would be interested. How the hell do they make those kinds of decisions when they're not the publisher and they're not the reading public?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your news Shameless. All limbs and digits are crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Gidday! Thanks for dropping by my blog - glad to meet another kiwi in Europe - Wandering Woman (People Who Become Stories and Stories Who Become People blogspot) in Belguim is another.
Good luck with the publisher - NZ's writing scene is fairly lively right now.
(email me - address is on my writer's profile - if you'd like to view my writer's website and I'll give you the link.)
Meanwhile, I am going to go and read your poetry and view your photos - I'm sure I'm in for a treat. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Shameless, I have been perusing your blog since Cate Sweeny directed me to it, and I enjoy reading it. I'm glad you liked her book. I thought it was wonderful.

I wonder if I could give you my links, and put you on my sites? www.conorcorderoy.co.uk, http://conorcorderoy.blogspot.com, www.arkindra.co.uk The latter is the one I am really keen to promote. Have a look and you'll see why.

Good luck with the NZ publisher.

S. Kearney said...

A warm welcome Chief Biscuit and Conor, your links are going up! I look forward to your posts now Chief B (also, how do you get your blog to spread out across the entire page?) And Conor, your book is the last of the first batch of MNW titles that I have to read, and review. I'm almost through Saturday by McEwan, and then it's on to your book! I'm looking forward to it. You're both welcome to stop by here for a chat and a tea anytime!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I spread the blog out ... Might be the template I'm using with Beta Blogger (and choosing a white background) - however, some people don't like Beta Blogger so don't switch unless you're Really Really sure!

Debi said...

Good luck! My experience was that it was harder for me to get an agent than it was to get the original (unagented) deal direct with the publisher.

Most publishers (apart from the indy ones) are huge conglomerates where the commissioning editor will be paid no matter whether the book is successful or not.

Most agents on the other hand, are small or one-person. So they get nuffink at all for the work they do unless they can successfully negotiate a deal ... They have to be absolutely convinced of the saleability (yeuch!) of a book/author ...

Unknown said...

Tea, huh? I am grateful for the offer, though a pint of Old Peculiar is more my line. I find it loosens the tongue and makes for inspired conversation. I have just read Philip K Dick for the first time, Do Androids &c, and a number of others. What a strange, underrated writer he is. Any takers?

S. Kearney said...

Interesting tidbit, Debi. It can't be easy for agents these days. Spending all that time and energy, and never knowing if they've hit the right button. And Conor, the top shelf is always open!