I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

A Pause For A Poem

a baby’s blessing

stop, harsh world, don’t even think about taking this one as your own, leave his hand soft and still, his eyes wide to the marvels that are opened up with every turning of the wheel

read nothing into those kaleidoscope cheeks, the colours are not familiar to you, no markings of an ideal recruit, it’s just the freshness and joy for which even you must now crave

move on from this place, enough black roses have been planted here, give an aching mother a chance to hear the music of peace, to sit without a hand on her heart

in this small room, just a tiny corner of your realm, may you at last understand that the raging fires need to be calmed, that you’ve been taking far too many and giving nothing back

listen for just a second to that delicious sound of innocence, untainted hope that even you could bathe in, a newborn magic that might just wash away your own harshness

© Copyright, 2006. Shameless Words.


Isabel Da Rocha said...

Are these "blessing" words the result of the visit you've done to little Petra??? Or maybe just a coincidence??? Cause if these are the words after meeting her, they're even more beautifull...

S. Kearney said...

Yes, Catarina, the arrival of one little one in Lyon did inspire this. You know how inspiring she is. I made the girl into a boy though for the poem, but it can be easily changed to suit whoever wants to use it for a blessing. Someone has already asked if they can send it to someone who's just given birth to a baby in Israel. What a pleasure.