I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

The Lions of Lyon (14)

You just have to see both sides of this one - she is blazoned with the symbols of the city of Lyon.


Unknown said...

Why are your lions female? I'm not being a pedant honestly, it just intrigues me.

S. Kearney said...

I don't know really, maybe because there are too many male lions in the world! It's also just a wee thing that I have, to refer to objects and animals with a 'she'. This comes out a lot in my writing. Funny isn't it. No reason. Just a result of the creative process I suppose. Good point to bring up though. Do other people do this with equal measure? All objects being one or the other? Objects neutral? Maybe it started when I came to France and got into the 'words have gender' kind of thinking.

Unknown said...

Your 'lions' have manes and 'Lionesses of Lyon' doesn't sound as good!
I 'gender' everything. My car is a 'Martha' but any other electrical item is a 'he'. Oh and the fridge is a girly because she's got all these lovely retro curves.
Animals fall into what I think they look like, so we had a cat called Mary who was in fact a Michael (wasn't that stupid because he was lacking certain bulbous parts!).

Unknown said...

Mmm... well that's got me thinking. I don't gender everything, but the cows in Paris are 'she' in my head and then in my writing I always refer to the sea as a she. And ... I have to stop now because I feel a post coming!