I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

Another Recent Poem

The Alpine Loonies

They breathe only to conquer Europe’s heaven,
those spry souls, hungry with mad adventure
Picks on raw shoulders, lips all but vanished
Are they hostage to her beauty, or her gloating?
For all the reminders of past frozen tragedies,
pleas from burning arms and legs are ignored

Faint lines of silence, attached like convicts,
with a heaviness of feet, lightness of head
Princess Mont Blanc waves her ancient crown
Just how did she earn such blind devotion?
They can be delayed, stranded at the Midday
Needle, but only until the storm passes

Mothers know little about the Alpine Loonies
They would faint to see those sharp drops,
their babies on icy tightropes, fast melting
And do they beckon French or Italian angels?
The impossible infants are now unreachable,
only looking up, no chance of going back

© Copyright, 2009. Seamus Kearney. The Alpine Loonies (a poem about Mont Blanc)


Marja said...

Great poem about this dangerous beauty

Debi said...

Oh you're here, you dangerous beauty, you!

S. Kearney said...

Hi Marja, thanks for your comment. It's a pleasure to see you here. Such an awesome mountain, eh? I look forward to seeing her in all her finery every winter.

Debi!!! Yes, sometimes here. I come by to post the odd bit of writing; that can't stop just because the blogging became impossible to keep up. I am still tapping away, while keeping up the daily journalism job. I'm also copy-editing now for a publisher, which sucks up MANY MANY hours. Good to keep connected, though; and, who knows, one day a book may just leave the womb! Good to have you stop by, Debi. I do lurk around the blogs in my sidebar, furtively, just to see how everyone is!

Unknown said...

Shameless, glad to see/read you're still out there. I was sorry to miss your last trip to Dublin! I got the message too late to act upon, and hadn't got your number as I'd had my phone stolen last summer!

Anyway, just to say this is a great poem: funnily enough I'm writing about mountains and mountaineers too. Aren't they magical places ... and what they bring out in people is mad. Keep well :)

S. Kearney said...

Hi Barbara! Gosh two blast-from- the-past visits in one week ... I must be leaving traces when I'm lurking out there in the blogosphere.:-) Thanks for your kind words re the poem ... that one's been bubbling ever since I saw those mad men who clamber up Mont Blanc, that madness in their eyes! I will definitely give you a shout when I'm next in Dublin ... was supposed to be this month, but I thought it might be too cold! Now it seems quite warm. I hope all is well with you ... I do read about your happenings from time to time and I love to know how you're getting on. We'll talk again soon. :-)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Cold... and lovely and a bit haunting, methinks.
Very well written!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Shameless Words said...

Hi Wanderlust ... and thank you! Good to have you drop by. :-)

L.M.Noonan said...

Mountains and things to do with them are attractive, I've done the odd bit of climbing, and live on a mound that just classifies as a mountain that in turn overlooks some volcanic plugs that are also referred to as mountains. Can't get enough of them really...have you been back to NZ recently? I love the poem.

Shameless Words said...

Hi LM, thanks for your comment. Yep, mountains are a big part of my life now, living so close to the French Alps! Just back from a week's skiing! :-) A NZ trip is long overdue ... hopefully this year.

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