I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

Au revoir

I'm terrible at making goodbye speeches, and I usually avoid them, so forgive me if this one is a bit all over the place. (Is there a hanky in the house?) Yes, the above photo represents new pastures - as if I would go for the cliché of a field full of green grass!

Seriously, though. I realised recently that I really had to make a decision about this blog, which I set up as an outlet for my interest in writing and books, and which has given me enormous pleasure over the past two years. But, for many different reasons, the time has come to acknowledge that this wonderful experience has come to its natural end.

I thought I could just leave things unattended, like many people do, and dip back in every now and then. But I'm just not like that. I don't like to leave things hanging in space, in a state of hiatus, and that's why I've decided to be brave and close things down. It goes without saying that this has been a very difficult decision to make. That old issue of time has been a big factor - juggling between work, travel, relationships, projects - but, of course, it's not the only reason.

I'd just like to say that I've really enjoyed your visits and truly appreciated your interest and support. I've also thoroughly enjoyed the blogs I discovered along the way. I will still be lurking behind the scenes (even if I don't leave comments) to check up on how everyone is getting on. And, of course, I will still be plugging away with my own creative writing. There will always be time and energy for that.

I've been wondering whether I should leave all the archives up or not. What do you think? It would be so hard to push the delete button on all those words. But it would also seem strange to leave the blog just sitting there on its own, staring out into the big wide world, without someone there to stop the dust from settling.

Anyway, from Muffin and me, from our little corner of the planet, I wish you all great success and happiness and the best of luck with your personal projects.


NigelBeale said...

Please do leave your archives up! Whenever I've visited your site I've meant to spend more time sniffing around the furniture...it would be a crying shame if you burnt down the house.

Best of luck with all future endeavours.

laurie said...

oh dear. i've been lurking for ages and hardly ever commented, and now if you take everything down i'll never be able to!

i do like poking around in your archives. what say you leave it up awhile and see what happens?

you never know.... you might want to come back....

Frank Wilson said...

I second Nigel's request, Seamus: Please don't take down the archives. You had a wonderful run. God bless.

Rosa said...

I've only just discovered you and I need time to read it all. Please !!!!!

pundy said...

Good luck, Shameless, and thanks for the memory. Let us all know when the book gets published.

Sarah Hina said...

Oh, wow. I'm so sorry to see you go, Seamus, but I understand your reasons. Nonetheless, it will be a great loss for the blogging community. And for me personally. You have a great spirit, and I've always enjoyed your writing and comments.

By all means, keep your work up. There are many treasures for people still to unearth here. Best of luck, Seamus!!!

(I was sad. But looking at your hilarious graffitos, I also have to laugh. Seems appropriate. :))

Eric Valentine said...

Like everyone else Seamus, I am sad that you have to close the door. I too would ask that you leave everything in place for others to enjoy as I have & still do. There is never a time I visit here that I don't learn a little more.

Just let out a Roar when you are about to pop back in and resume operations my friend, you will be missed.

Marja said...

Kia Ora Seamus, sad to see you go dear Kiwi, but I completely understand. Your graffiti is hilarious and please don't delete your wonderful stories.
I wish you all the best for the the future

S. Kearney said...

Thanks for all the wonderful words, guys. It looks like there's a general feeling that I should just leave the site up, so I'll probably do that. Also, don't worry, the poems and short stories are already saved onto a disc for a rainy day.

I realise now that people land here all the time via Internet searches, and it would be a shame if they found a blank page when hunting down something specific.

And hey, guess what the most popular page is re searches: a poem for identical twins. I hear that it's been used on several occasions to celebrate the birth/baptism of twins. Wow. That is something special.

Thanks again for all your nice comments. I will miss you all too.

Kay Cooke said...

Don't go!!!
But I fear you've made up your mind ... and I completely understand.

Thanks for all you did for writers - the encouragement and the prizes and lions etc etc. I am still thoroughly enjoying my book prize ( a lovely thick copy of Amy Clampitt's poetry) from the Lyon's Lions poetry comp. Kauri thanks you too from the bottom of his hearty lion heart.

Bon voyage and good luck with future writerly pursuits (maybe graffiti writing is among them?)

aims said...

I too will miss you Seamus. You've been an inspiration to me and I thank you for that.

However - there is a big wide world out there that doesn't involve blogging. And I think we will all go out and find it in our own time. This is yours - enjoy!

Lane Mathias said...

You'll be missed Seamus - very much but I wish you all the very best in everything you do. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of your name!

So glad you've decided to leave the blog up. I've still got some reading to do and besides the zoo story is one of my favourites and the dancing gypsy poem ...and the piano music...
Don't make me have to start copying and pasting:-)

Take care.

Meloney Lemon said...

Thank you for the energy and inspiration. Also for saying goodbye - not just leaving. How many blogs lie wrapped in tissue in a vault in cyberspace?

I know it's trees - but I prefer books.

All the very best.

Shameless has left the building.

Debi said...

Babs alerted me so I'm breaking my own (temporary) enforced silence to say ... PLEASE DON'T GO!!! xxx

Unknown said...

Oh poot, Seamus! I am just struggling back after an immense personal bomb and now I find that you are going and I'm crying again!
Please reconsider - you are one of the stalwarts and a prime example of a well tended blog. Please stay in touch, I feel i am losing a friend.

Art Durkee said...

What Minx and Nigel and Frank and the rest said: Please leave up the archives, and don't deprive us of your sparkle.

I can understand the work involved, and the desire to move on. I also support that you do whatever is best for you to do. But I think you'll find that leaving your presence alive here, even if neglected, will lead only to good things in the long run. My vote, anyway.

Hilarious graffiti, as usual. I particularly chuckled at the "pub 300m" one.

L.M.Noonan said...

My life's been pretty much in the toilet like...it seems Minx and few others, and I too have contemplated closing up shop, so I can't say that I don't understand your decision--but, you WILL BE MISSED. Buckets of love and luck.

S. Kearney said...

Wow! Your comments here have been truly appreciated. What a great bunch of people. I'm glad there's been so much understanding, too. Sorry that this news has come at a bad time for some (Minx, LMN) and I really do send you good wishes and vibes. Blogging is a wonderful tool and I will always preach about its amazing power - it's just not right for me right now. I am definitely keeping the archives up, though. So at least I will be leaving my footsteps.

S. Kearney said...

Oops, I mean footprints!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

*GASP* NO! Oh no, Seamus, you can't leave!
I'm devastated.
This is so terribly sad.

If you feel you must go, please PLEASE leave up all the archives so that we could at least visit and reminisce.

Who will run the Shameless Lions Circle?
Who will show us photos of the world & tickle the ivories as only you could?!

Sigh... We are *SO* sad.
Please reconsider. Leave the archives up and just stop by once in a blue moon, if you must go.

And if you must, then may all of heavens blessings go with you all of your days. You are an inspiration and a delight, you are wise, witty, clever and kind.

Thank you more than we can express, for all that you have done, which is more than you will ever know.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I second absolutely everything Scarlett has written above. I'm so very happy to read that you've decided to keep the archives up; I know I've regrettably missed a few short stories because of time restraints, but I look forward to catching up

Be well, Shameless Leader (although please keep in touch!). You and your presence will be molto missed ;)

Unknown said...

Shameless, you will be very much missed. I understand all to well though the need to withdraw (I constantly battle with this myself unsure whether to stay or go.) You may find, as I did after withdrawing from Atyllah, that after a period of withdrawal, you get withdrawal symptoms and can't wait to return. For that reason alone, leave up the blog and the archives - and besides I suspect when we're not looking all those blogs are out there chatting to each other in the sparkling depths of cyberspace - quite irrespective of what we're doing.

Good luck with all the things you are doing and know that blogosphere will always be here should you ever wish to return. I wish you success, good health, love, happiness, joy and harmony in all that you do.

Jon M said...

Goodluck Seamus, thanks for your help in linking up with so many brill bloggers. Drop in and comment now and then!

Jo said...

Oh my you can't delete all this!!!! Even if you must leave us, at least keep the blog up. I'll miss you to be sure and want you to know that your innovative ideas and creative writer's soul have proven themselves to be such a gift to me. It's been a pleasure "knowing" you!
Best of luck everywhere!!

unarex said...

Oh Seamus,

I hope you will continue to visit me on my blog from time to time. You have a very lovely blog, but keeping the archives up is the best way to be found (your writing that is).

virtual nexus said...

All the very best with writing projects and life and thanks for all your encouraging comments on mine over the months. Really appreciated them.

Definitely been a great watering hole this.

Know what you mean about loose ends. How about leaving your archives for a specific period, and then review the status quo?

exskindiver said...

hi seamus,
you have brought people together
and shared your talent with many--
for this thank you.
even without you actively blogging, somehow,
i know i will still hear about you.
know that when you publish that blockbuster, we will all come to the book signing.
chesca (exskindiver)

Vesper said...

Seamus, I will miss you very much. You did a wonderful and extremely important thing for me with the Shameless Lions Writing Circle and I thank you from my heart.
But obviously life has to take precedence over blogging. I wish you best of luck in everything you want to do.
Please, leave the blog where it is. Even if you can't update it, people can enjoy your stories and poems. It's a form of publication, isn't it?

Au revoir.

Anonymous said...

Even without a blog, I trust that you will still give those many talents of yours plenty of exercise. I sure hope so.

Good luck and be well, Mr Shameless.

Anonymous said...

your work is fantastic here. i'd love to come back to them whenever it's possible.

all the best to your endeavour!


Unknown said...

I logged onto ur site after so long today only to find ur leaving. I was such a pleasure reading you. U will be with the shameless circle, right?

Pearl said...

no need to delete. at some point blogger may cull, or not but why not leave it up.

if you do swing back thru to blogging, look up those of us you met, k?

take care of yourself.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Came by to visit, watch videos, look at pictures, listen to you play your piano, and read your wonderful words.

Miss you much dear friend. Hope you are well, and very happy.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

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