I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

A Pause For A Poem


the pleasure of small sorries

the phrases cling on so firmly
like hot tar on our foreheads
so heavily spread across reason
no quick peeling or washing off
only a familiar, smarting pain

for now we attempt to stay low
so the light seeks out no one
time alone for magical cleaning
our warm, gentle miracle water
the pleasure of small sorries

this snapping dog in our lives
chewing on the best of things
then howling a wretched truth
awaiting that familiar return
our old hunger for surrenders

cosy love has landed so easily
territories delicately marked
absent now the master's voice
calm after the midnight feast
the pleasure of small sorries

© Copyright, 2007. Seamus Kearney.


Unknown said...

Mmm... yep you have captured something here. Cool Poem Seamus.

cate sweeney said...


S. Kearney said...

Miss V, Cate, thank you! :) It wasn't on purpose that the new colour scheme for my blog matches the cover in this photo!

Unknown said...

And now we're disappointed. There we were thinking, what a guy - matching bed, blog and candle! Oh and nice po too. 'Small sorries' - like that.

S. Kearney said...

Now, Minx, whoever said that was me in that bed! :)
I'm glad you like the poem, which is not the joyful one I expected to use for the launch of my new look; but never mind.

Fong said...

Oh Shameless, what does it all mean? It was actually thrilling, yes thrilling..old fashioned word I know, hoever, thrilllllliing to scoot over expecting the usual sobre blue only to find the boudoir pic, the candle...scented no doubt and who is that sexy bloke in the warhol slide show?
The poem is quite exquisite... the pleasure of small sorries will stay for a very long time.
ta very muchly

Suzan Abrams, email: suzanabrams@live.co.uk said...

Hi Seamus,
Didn't have no quarrel with someone you loved perhaps, no?
Beautiful poem filled with an abstract illumination.
As for the slide pics, I wouldn't mind myself hanging about in different colours if I looked the slight bit gorgeous as you do.
If you dare audition for a British alternative band (new wave), you'll be chosen as lead guitarist! :-)

Saaleha said...

Okay, where are the slide pics? Nah, don't bother. I can't seem to find the time for much except to say, great collage of words! Ah, the balm of good poetry. I miss it sometimes...

John said...

Nice one, Seamus. I'd like to see more of these...

S. Kearney said...

Hi LMN (about us),
I'm glad you like the changes!:)
I thought if I was going to drop the anonymity, I might as well go the whole hog! Me? Put up a normal photo? Oh, no, it's got to be a little bit arty and shameless, doesn't it?
Thanks for your feedback on the poem. I must check out your other blog there; it looks like there's lots going on! :)

There are different colours but we are as shameless as ever. I'm glad you like the poem.:)
Also, I'm sure if you put yourself in colours you would look gorgeous! :)
Lead singer in a band? Now there's an idea! Probably the piano though!

It's a shame the slide show didn't start in time for you, for the Warhol spin I gave myself! :) Check it out on your next visit!
Yes, a balm, writing and reading poetry ... a good word to use! :)

and John,
Good to have you stop by. Thanks. When you say more, do you mean the poems or the Warhol-style pics? :) You're always welcome to stop by for a cuppa! :)

John said...

Both, Seamus, but especially the poem. I did get sidetracked a bit looking at San Fran, where a dear daughter lives, and New York, which spawned me. And of course, you rake, the pics of yourself. And the paintings. Is there anything you can't do?

I like the new look...

Suzan Abrams, email: suzanabrams@live.co.uk said...

Well, Seamus, I shamelessly beg you to leave the pics on for a bit. Because why lie...a handsome man is a feast for the eye...and so I spy! ;-)

S. Kearney said...

You are too kind, Susan! :) I will leave the slide show for a bit until someone decides whether I should be blue, yellow, orange or red. I tried all for the profile photo but just couldn't decide! :) When in doubt, give them the lot!

Unknown said...

I quite like the pink... sorry PURPLE, purple, I meant purple!

S. Kearney said...

V, PURPLE is duly noted, although yes, it does look pinkish, doesn't it? :)

Suzan Abrams, email: suzanabrams@live.co.uk said...

Seamus, it's funny when Verilion said purple, I had actually thought it was pink at first glance.

Would it help if you knew what kind of a personality you'd like to convey as a poet, writer & painter in this blogging world and even beyond?

It's amazing how colour defines imagery!

For instance...the blue says to me, intrigue, alluring, a still calmness...that sort of thing, deeply thoughtful.

The colour purple/pink I associated straightaway with music...artistic in a fun sense like something new wave or punk...

If I saw yellow, I'd associate it with fun but also a writer who takes risk with the unexpected or cool shocking prose like a chilling psychological drama.

Again, you have a multi-faceted personality! :-)

I guees I'll settle for a happy blink or a sturdy wink from the little pink of my opened eye with which to spy & sigh in the by and by...

Unknown said...

Oh good, now I've got something better for the next 'Blogcard' other than that one of you in the 'Liverty' mask! Happy Coming Out Day, Seamus - it ain't so bad.

S. Kearney said...

Oh, thank God for that, Minx, as that US photo did make my head look HUGE! But you haven't said which colour you prefer. Shall I stick with the yellow?

I like your different takes on the colours. Should I stick with yellow though, which goes with the colours of the blog :)?

Suzan Abrams, email: suzanabrams@live.co.uk said...

Yellow's cool, Seamus!
If you feel your mood change after a spell, you can always switch to something else! :-)

S. Kearney said...

Done, Susan, already red!

Debi said...

Blimey, Shameless. Er Seamus. Er Muffin. When you decide to come out, you really go for it!

And there was I imagining the colour choices would be tabby, ginger, tortoiseshell ...

In truth I'm a little disappointed at the lack of fur, but it's great to meet you!

S. Kearney said...

I NEVER do things in half measures! Although the indecision about the colour doesn't really sit right with his philosophy, does it? :)
Thank you though. I will work on the fur. :)

Anonymous said...

Powerful poem. For me, having been married for almost half of my not so long life, it poked at that third presence that can grow between two people. Not a kind presence. Something that forms in the shadows and springs to life before you understand where it came from. The small sorries weaken it. Take away its potency.

S. Kearney said...

I'm glad you like the poem, which does reflect something powerful in many relationships. Your description, reaction here is spot on! :)