I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

A Pause For A Poem

I thought it would be nice to share this poetically mischievous poem written by a journalist friend in Paris, Laurence Frost. I couldn't resist taking this picture to go with it!


A murmur fell upon my ear,
Far distant now - now growing near
When in a cloud there came and went
A lemming-swarm, destruction-bent

A rat race to the Red Ravine,
They lay in scores, forlorn, serene.
I walked amid the fluffy sea
And picked the plump ones for my tea

© Copyright, 2007. Laurence Frost and Shameless Words.


Suzan Abrams, email: suzanabrams@live.co.uk said...

Yes, ticklish to the senses & the stylish picture fits. :-)

btw Shameless, wanted to ask you about the Zukotu meter for your novel,on the sidebar.
Exciting to see that you're writing one. What are you working on? Is it the Dublin fare that Shelley Powers was keen on?


Unknown said...

Great! Nice teapot too!

S. Kearney said...


Thanks. Yes, the counter is for my second novel, which takes place in Dublin. I wouldn't quite say that Powers was keen on it; she hasn't even read it! :) But after reading my other novel - this one she rejected, saying the story didn't grab her but the writing was good -she emailed to say she would be keen to see the new one when it's finished, as that may be easier to sell. We'll see. I'm also reworking the very first manuscript I wrote, in the late 90s, which never went anywhere and always needed work. I see now how naive it was and I really want to give it a big lick of paint. There may just be something there! That makes a total of three: one finished and trying to sell, one in the pipeline and one being repainted!
Whew, where do we find the time?
The counter in the sidebar is a good reminder to get cracking and stop constantly surfing! I'd like to put one up for the rewrite as well.

I'm glad you like this, I'll pass on your comments to Laurence. The photo is devilish, isn't it? The teapot was bought during a trip to China, in a proper Chinese tea shop! :)

Unknown said...

The photo is definitely devilish Shameless, as is the poem! It made me laugh.

S. Kearney said...

V, hi! I took the photo once and then decided to add the large knife, which does give it a pique!
The poem lends itself to this kind of folly!

Suzan Abrams, email: suzanabrams@live.co.uk said...

Hi again Shameless,

I too have a counter bar on my blog for my stage play and everytime I open it, it's a bit of a poke in the ribs. :-)

It's fascinating to observe a writer's buoyant energy like yours, and to see works brewing in the pipeline.
It's heartening to know that you have 3 projects on. It's inspiring and comforting because...

As I'm writing my play, words for a new story have started seeping into my head, from nowhere which holds no connection to the play. I felt if I didn't write it all down, I would lose the plot. It may turn out to be a novella of sorts.

So I too, am working on 2 things at the moment. I'm caught in a quandry...I do feel guilty as if I should be giving my wholehearted attention to the play.

btw, love your avatar. It's a painting, isn't it. Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

No, no, no - I cannot condone lemmings for your tea!!!

Meloney Lemon said...

Is that a haggis with legs?

S. Kearney said...

Better than eating hens, Atyllah! :) You decide! Here chook chook chook!

Meloney Lemon,
Haggis? In France? No, it's a Kiwi, whose long beak is hidden! :)

Kay Cooke said...

I knew it was an upside down kiwi as soon as I saw it!
I am like you and love to hear about writing spaces. I can't post mine as we don't have a digi cam as yet.

Unknown said...


S. Kearney said...

hi. i feel ashamed now that i could even imagine using a kiwi for such a stunt. it will never forgive me! still, that's why i call myself shameless!
please do post your writing space once you get hold of a digital camera. i'm sure you're in a lovely setting.

don't worry, muffin the cat only likes dry cat biscuits! :)