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Camp Britney

A friend of mine, Rory Mulholland, has launched a website to promote a book he's written about his time reporting in Iraq.

Camp Britney, Tikrit is not your run of the mill book on the Iraqi conflict. This is about a bunch of reporters who spent a month in Saddam's former palace after his capture, and the daily task they had of trying to justify their placement there. There are many funny moments and it's a real 'behind the scenes' look at how news agency stories get to us from war zones. There are also some great photos.

Rory is a dear friend who seems to be attracted to the action at the front line. I tell him he's mad to want to risk his life like this, but I suppose someone has to do it.

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S. Kearney said...

Hi Susan,
You can buy this at amazon.co.uk
There is a link to the amazon page on Rory's website, which is highlighted in the post. Happy reading.