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The Wait

Today is Monday the 22nd of May, which means my book has now been in the oven at Macmillan New Writing for nine weeks! It's either been pulled out and left to go cold (forgotten) or it's been left in to make sure it can burn, or it's been whipped out and taken off to the tasters, to be carved up and enjoyed!

I am writing this in response to those who have kindly asked if I have received any news yet. I also love to build up this element of suspense. Tune in again to find out what happens.

I am, of course, remaining optimistic. One has to see what one wants. If you can't see it, you won't get it.

Nine weeks could be a bad sign, but it could also be a good sign - and that's not counting the five weeks the manuscript was with Macmillan before they told me they couldn't open the file.

I am remaining optimistic, but I am also thinking of my next moves. I have made a list of other addresses to send the MS off to. Rejection slips don't seem to have the same "bang on the head" effect as they used to. I see it as just a part of things. I don't hold my breath. I don't sweat. I just think that if it's meant to be it'll happen.

It's nice that people are asking for updates though. It's nice to have that support. You will all be expected to buy the bloody thing when it's printed!

By the way, what is that glorious smell that's wafting in the window?


Unknown said...

Why tis the small and beautiful cake I have just rustled up for Debi!!
Will comment further tomorrow, head is in an OFSTED cloud at present.

mattfwcurran.com Web Admin said...

Good luck Shameless...

Yeah, the waiting is always the worst part of the process. I was quite lucky in that MNW spotted my entry in a writing competition and approached me first, but then I had to wait about ten weeks after sending them the full manuscript. As the teacher says in Kung-Fu "patience grasshopper".

Maxine Clarke said...

My fingers are crossed! (I work for Macmillan, by the way, but a different part of the company -- Nature.)

S. Kearney said...

Thanks for the comments. Keep all fingers, toes and arms crossed!

Anonymous said...

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