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What's with the "Fors"

I see the New York Times reporting that EL Doctorow has won the PEN/Faulkner Award for fiction with "The March". Must get around to ordering this, although I'm worried that it will be a little too American for me.
What really caught my eye - as it would catch the eye of any writer? - were the names of the runners-up: Karen Fisher (A Sudden Country) , William Henry Lewisfor (I Got Somebody in Staunton), James Salterfor (Last Night) and Bruce Wagnerfor (The Chrysanthemum Palace).
Now, is it just me or is there some conspiracy going on here?
Three of the runners-up have surnames that end with "for". Is it just some perversion in me that makes me notice things like that? Is this why my writing tends to be a little edgy?
Tell me what you think. Should I have noticed that and drawn attention to it?

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