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We Are Absolutely Spoiled !


Doesn't this picture just absolutely stroke the senses? This is from a new blog that I recently came across in Queensland, Australia, by an artist and writer who has just started blogging - this, it seems, prompted by the shamelessness of my blog! The arrival of L.M.Noonan in the blogosphere can only be a wonderful thing, if the quality of these creations are anything to go by. I'm looking forward to her writing now as well - in fact, her partner is also an artist and they are both contributing to another newly created blog.

This is what the blogosphere is all about, isn't it? There is something hugely exciting about the creativity we can all tap into for free, unhindered by the market, by the whims of those in power, by the pressures of state and home. I was only just thinking the other week that Australia must have a lot to offer English-language writing blogs and yet most of my links and hits are from the UK and the US. Then up pops L.M Noonan, aka Failed Painter - yes, the title of the blog is hard to type. We welcome this diversity in the writing blogosphere, no? There's also India, Canada, New Zealand, not to mention the many countries in Africa. There is only up.

The other exciting link that I've just made - I'm sorry that I haven't focused before on announcing my new links, which I now realise is a travesty - is for Word Carving, a new blog by the writer John Ahearn. His poems manage to stir me and blast me in a unique way, and I'm looking forward to devouring everything this blog has to offer.

Have you also checked out the writing of Jessica Schneider, on her blog and at Cosmoetica. There is first class material here. And Jason's writing gems at The Clarity of Night? We are spoiled for the quality of the stuff that is out there. I could go on and list all of the superb blogs that I link to on the right, but this post would run on for pages! The point is that we need to celebrate what we have here. This is a goldmine! This is the future! Thank goodness someone, somewhere invented WWW and the BLOG. I really believe our lives have all been changed for the better.

Thanks for all this opening up and for having the energy to share! We are absolutely spoiled!


Minx said...

I used to think that all these lovely links were a distraction. I have since come around to viewing them as an inspiration to my own writing.
Thanks for the L.M Noonan link - looks really interesting.
And John, at Wordcarving? I have read his work for a while and it blows my stripey socks off! A poetical goldmine indeed.
Funny really, Shameless, I started with two links, yours and Pundy's, and now look, they are sliding off the page.

Debi said...

You've redeemed youreself a tad with these links ...

I just MIGHT come back again - conditional on the arrival of bribes of course ... truffles would be best. And no cheap rubbish either ...

Shameless said...

Minx and Debi, ;)

And the garden kept growing!
And, of course, your links are way up there in link heaven!
There are some we will always click on first! :)

Truffles now, Debi? Did you read the last post? Muffin is ashamed, as she should be.

Truffles? I don't have any spare pigs ready to go down those grubby holes! :)

Jessica Schneider said...

Hey Shameless, thanks for the plug(s). I hope your readership has been seized. That's why it makes me laugh from so long ago when a certain blogger from a certain blog was bragging about her Ph.D(s) convincing herself I was somehow 'jealous' of her.


It's like, I don't think so cupcake...

Shameless said...


I always say: the letters after someone's name don't even spell a word!

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Shameless,

You're right about the links. I discovered - and may post something soon - a host of European cinematic blogs that connect to each other - enthusiasts that turn specialists and offer the science and art of film-making in vibrant and lively ways.

At that moment, I may have felt as you did writing this post. :-)

It's the writers' & arty blogs that catch me everytime.

The majority of my links are from US & the UK and just about 2 or 3 regular ones from Australia.

India I notice hosts hundreds of blogs that all connect to each other but seldom venture outside the territory. But when you think about it, India's a vast continent.

It is exciting all the same. And your blog too, Shameless is a very exciting place to be. :-)

Atyllah said...

It always amazes me the wealth that is out there in blogosphere - not just the words and images stuff, but the political satire, the cookery blogs, the gardening blogs, the pet blogs - just so much richness. Every interest is represented, every aspect of human nature revealed.
A wonderful place for research, blogosphere ;-)

Debi said...

Yikes - not THOSE truffles. I'm sending them back by return of post.

Now get it together and send the bloody chocolate.

Shameless said...

I may try to make a new push to attract some new blog links from India, Australia, Canada and Africa. Just not sure how yet. But, as you say, there must be such a lot of good stuff out there.

Now, you are a good example of what the African continent can produce! I also sometimes get visitors from Kenya, Ghana and Morroco, but no one I've linked to because they don't leave comments to identify themselves. I even have regulars in Iran and China .... someone in the government?

And Debi,
Muffin is very sorry about eating the chocolates. She tells me that I should just send the truffles - the expensive ones - and you should just be happy with that! Oh she can be so territorial sometimes!:)

Shameless said...

You guys really need to check out the song written by the 17 yr old son of LM Noonan - see sidebar link. There is also some brilliant writing that LMN has just put up.