I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

Sleep Sleep Sleep!

A long plane journey is normally the ideal time to read a book in one sitting (forget the threat of clots and the need to flush into open sky, the chance to provide a shower perhaps for some poor devil below!). There is no such luxury this trip. I need to get lost in the land of nod.

I am slowly making my way back to the north, from the beautiful south, a numbing 37-hour slingshot when you add in the waiting in airport lounges. I must arrive in top shape; the day after I get back I am watching an old friend tie the knot in the centre of London.

So, Ian McEwan, your lovely book Saturday is there in the pocket in front of me, but I am sorry to say that the words have all mashed into one. I won't get through it unless a screaming child suddenly appears. I have fancy plugs for the old ears - chewing gum-type stuff tested in combat zones - and I will happily guzzle the Australian wine that comes my way.

There may just be the odd moment for a poem. We'll see.


May said...

What a long trip! If you weren't so eager to sleep, perhaps you could take some photos from up there.

Shameless said...

I'm not sure that I could focus, May. And people look so dreadful this high up and when they've got through such an unnatural ordeal.

may said...

Are you still on the plane? Where?
That's quite exciting. Hopefully you are keeping the "top shape". They should provide for a small gym inside the plane, a massage area and a comfortable king size bed.

Anonymous said...

A flying blogger? Write it quick before you lose it - the poem I mean!

May said...

And he hasn't told us whether he has landed and what the wedding was like and if he was looking like a rosebud etc.

Shameless said...

I definitely landed - whew - eyes wide and not at all bushy tailed! I got through quite a bit of McEwan's Saturday! The wedding was also a blast, but I don't know where the extra energy came from. Thank goodness we have that extra reserve tank that seems to pop up just at the right time.