I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

The Lions of Lyon (18)

This lion brings some welcome news: it's HOLIDAY TIME!

I am off in the morning on my trip to Portugal. I had to put up one more lion before I go because photos will be difficult to post when I'm on the road. I will pop in with the odd post during my travels - when I come across the Internet.

Keep the plants watered and no fighting while I'm gone. And for those worried about Muffin the cat - and yes, all serious writers must have an intelligent cat in their universe - she will be taken care of by a very kind neighbour for three weeks and then a very nice colleague.

Take care, stay happy, don't burn, don't sweat too much and keep those words coming, even when others are swanning it!


Verilion said...

Ooh this has to be the Queen of Bling. Enjoy your hols.

Minx said...

Have a lovely time, miss us!