I had some short stories, poems and photographs to share ... and so here I am

Snapshots of Ireland

Here are a few shots I took while visiting Dublin and Belfast.

The first one shows some sculptures that feature in a poem I posted a few days ago called a mammy and her littlin. This can be seen in front of the waterfront centre in Belfast. Read the poem afterwards by scrolling down a few days.

Ah, a bridge over the Liffey. And yes, that is blue sky you can see there!

This is a shot outside the city council building in the centre of Belfast.

The sculpture of Molly Malone, the famous seller of cockles and mussels, located at the bottom of Grafton Street. There is a reference to this in the other poem I wrote from Dublin called the siren of absence. Scroll down a few days to read this.

and here's my favourite shot. The woman was drunk and wouldn't wake up to let me take a picture; then I realised it was perfect. Yes, we all need company! This is located along the Grand Canal.


adieu tristesse said...

I, very recently, came across your blog and I must say that it is very enjoyable to read. These photos are lovely; especially the last one – isolated and yet in such grave need of something more…

Shameless said...

Adieu Tristesse, I love your login name ... did you see my earlier titbit about Françoise Sagan? I'm glad you like the blog and hope you can visit often. The more the heartier.

skint writer said...

great pics - public sculpture in context, could be the basis for a series there

Shameless said...

I love the challenge of bringing some inspirational scene into my own creative process ... it's like a marriage!